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Shropshire sits between the low-lying English Midlands and the much higher Welsh uplands. The countryside is made up of plants from fifteen different ‘bio-geographic elements’; ranging from those that thrive in arctic conditions to those from the Mediterranean.

Just a few miles north of Barncroft caravans are the Ellesmere Meres – “jewel-like lakes created at the end of the last Ice Age. Alongside are the Mosses, small, well-hidden and often obscured by trees, these wetlands are easy to overlook but their wildlife is so special that naturalists put them on a par with the Lake District and Norfolk Broads”.

Our site is actively involved in supporting wildlife and we are currently looking to achieve the David Bellamy Conservation Award by proving this commitment to preserving and enhancing the natural world.

Around this area you can see Red kites, Gold crests, Woodpeckers and Nut hatches.